Maximum Observed Windspeeds Using H*Wind Analyses

By   3 Aug 2013
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Building off of my last post using H*Wind data, I decided to examine the maximum windspeeds produced by Hurricane Katrina. The R code used to produce this post is available via Github.

The trick here was to mung (“muhnj”) the data to produce a single plot of maximum windspeeds. There are 38 shapefiles corresponding to 3-hour intervals from 8/25/05 to 8/30/05.

After combining the data, then came the choice of applying grids to assess regional maximum windspeeds.

I overlayed small hexagons, identified the single maximum wind speed, and then produced the below plot. Note Katrina’s spatial increase in category 1 strength windfields soon after reaching her peak intensity (category 5 winds).

Maximum observed windspeeds for Hurricane Katrina (2005) via AOML/NOAA’s H*Wind project. Colors correspond to wind strengths of tropical storm, category 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 intensity.


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